2015 URCS Annual 4th of July BBQ

Cost:  Free to all current United Revolver Club of Sacramento members, and member's family are invited to attend.


Location:  James Mangan Park (next to rifle & pistol range).


Time:  11:00 am - 2:00 pm Sat., July 4th.


What to Bring:  Yourself and family, we'll provide the rest.


Activities:  Family games.


Food:  Tri-tip, chicken, hot dogs, side salads, chips, dip, and drinks (no alcohol).


Raffles:  Certificates for a rifle, shotgun, and pistol will each be raffled. Certificates will be redeemable at a local dealer for the said item only. In addition several other items will also be given out.


RSVP:  So that we don't run out of food please RSVP with a count to: info@urcsac.com .


Come out and celebrate our country's independence and fellowship with other URCS members. We will also be discussing the Mangan Rifle & Pistol Range status. It's important for the leadership to hear from the membership on what direction you want the board to proceed.

URCS Awaits City of Sacramento to Publish

"Request For Proposal"

March 3, 2015, Sacramento, CA


On February 17, the United Revolver Club of Sacramento (URCS) Executive Board met with Mr. James Combs, Director, Parks and Recreation, City of Sacramento. The meeting was ask by the URCS President David Strannard to receive an update on the current status of the James Mangan Rifle & Pistol Range. Mr. Combs advised that for several years the Range hasn't been maintained accordingly ...to standards set for public shooting ranges. The General Services Department has been asked to survey the Range to determine its condition and what is needed to reopen. He commented the Range is still classified as "Temporally Closed" at least until the General Services report is completed.


General Services report is expected to be completed by the middle of this month. At which time the City will formally publish a "Request for Proposal" to the general public. The report will include a detail list of items that need to be done, and standards to be followed in order to reopen and maintain the Range for the safety of the public. Mr. Combs also stated that the City doesn't currently have money budgeted for the Range to be cleaned nor to reopen it. The "Request for Proposal" will seek a private entity to pay for the cleanup and reopen the Range for "Recreation". Mr. Combs commented that due to the budget constants of the City they are moving towards private entities to run and maintain the City's public recreation facilities. The "Request for Proposal" is not out of the norm for the City.


It is the URCS Executive Board's opinion that the City at this point isn't interested in closing the range permanently. But rather the City isn't completely aware of what is need to clean and reopen the range. Until the General Services report is completed the City and URCS are not aware of what the true cost will be. URCS Executive Board is taking the position of keeping the communication open with the City. Finding out what the City will require to reopen the range. Once we know what the requirements are, we can begin to discuss our options. In the meantime we wish we had more to report, but do hope for your continued patience.


Please continue to follow us here and at our URCS Facebook Page for future updates.

City of Sacramento Serves Notice of Mangan Rifle & Pistol Range Closure Friday January 16, 2015

City of Sacramento Notice of Mangan Range Closure

December 24, 2014, Sacramento, CA

On the eve of the Holiday the City of Sacramento gave notice of closure of the Mangan Rifle & Pistol Range. This closure comes out of a lead report that was submited and reviewed by the city, recommending that the facility undergo a thorough cleaning. United Revolver Club of Sacramento, Inc., Board of Directors met on Tuesday December 30 to discuss the matter and developed a reply to city's notice, asking for a formal timeline to the range closure. A response has not been received as of this date. The Mangan Range has been home to the URCS since the Mangan Range was opened in the early 60's and has provided a safe place to practice and compete in the shooting sports. For updated information please follow up at  https://www.facebook.com/urcsac . If you have any questions or comments please fee to contact us via our contact link.

Founded 1932

Mission Statement

Promoting the safe handling and use of firearms through proper training and education. Encouraging fellowship, honesty, self-discipline, sportsmanship, and team work, for improving marksmanship.

December 20, 1999, Sacramento, California

James G. Mangan Rifle & Pistol Range

City of Sacramento, Parks & Recreation

James G. Mangan Rifle & Pistol Range, Sacramento, CA

James G. Mangan Rifle & Pistol Range is owned by the City of Sacramento, Department of Parks and Recreation. Pistol activities are managed by the United Revolver Club of Sacramento, Inc. The range is open to the public on Monday, and Thursday nights from 6:00-9:00 PM. Tuesday night is for members only 6:00-9:00 PM. Mangan Range is closed on all City of Sacramento recognized holidays.


First approved by the City of Sacramento in November 1959, and was dedicated one year later in October 1960. Named after a City of Sacramento recreation offical, has 14 firing stations for pistol and smallbore rifle. The firing distance is 50 feet for smallbore rifle and 60 feet for pistol. This facility will also hold up to 100 spectators.

Other amenities include a class room, lounge, full kitchen, restroom and lighted parking. These facilities are available for matches, educational, and practical training. 


United Revolver Club of Sacramento, Inc. is proudly affiliated with and supports the following organizations:

National Rifle Association of America
California Rifle & Pistol Association
National Shooting Sports Foundation
Civilian Marksmanship Program
USA Shooting

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