Sacramento Filteration Plant Rifle & Pistol Range

In the early years the United Revolver Club of Sacramento would hold their outdoor conventional pistol matches at the Sacramento Filtration Plant Rifle & Pistol Range. This was located near what is now Richards Blvd. and I-5. First opened in the 1930's this range was open to the public on a permission basis. Matches and practice shooting were conducted in .22 caliber small-bore and .30 caliber big-bore as well as pistol. Matches were held by the "Capitol City Rifle & Pistol Club", ".30 Caliber League", and the "United Revolver Club of Sacramento".


The first set of target frames were made of wood. These were replaced by metal turning targets, allowing for 30 firing points. At one point attendance reached a high of 120 participants. Credit goes to Cowboy Merlick, Everett Franklin, Maynard Glass and Emmanuel Schwab who made up the design and built the removable target frames and benches for storage on the premises.


The Sacramento Filtration Plant Rifle & Pistol Range closed in 1959.